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13 star flag with anchor
13 star flag with anch  

same flag
same flag  
I have a very old flag I have from my late husband. His grandfather gave it to him. My husband was born in 1960, to give you an idea of how old his grandfather might have been. I'm sorry I don't more info than that.
It has a VERY faded stamped label, that I now know is: "Dettra best of best with a bulldog photo 20" X 30".
I'm not sure if it is, linen, cheese cloth or wool. I would guess linen?
I will attach a photo
It is in very worn shape as you can see.
I guess my question is: What actual time period is this from. I have been told W11?
thank you for your help
I can only send two photos.
It looks hand sewn? star AND stripes AND anchor

It's difficult to say what time period this is from. If I had to guess, I'd agree and say it was World War II vintage. I would also guess that it is made by hand since this is not any kind of official flag because of the anchor in the canton.

Sorry I can't be more specific. There are conservators at museums who can test the material to determine its age. Do you live near a big history museum? If so, I would recommend you contact someone there and ask if they do things like test fabric for age.  


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