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We are living our winters in an RV park in deep south Texas along with about 50 Canadians.  We do fly the US, Canadian & Texas flags on poles in front of our Hall.  My question pertains to Canadians flying THEIR flags at their site in the Park.  I personally have no problem with it as it lets other Canadians find them easily, however, we have one gentleman who has raised all sorts of cane over this and feels that is disrespectful to our flag.

Just between you and me, this guy is nuts. It's an odd form of patriotism that says a foreigner cannot fly his own flag, for whatever reason. I'm sure that if he summered in a Canadian RV park he'd think nothing odd about displaying the S&S at his campsite.

Now it is possible for a Canadian to disrespect the US flag, by displaying the maple leaf senior to ours (to the right or above it.) On US soil, the US flag is senior to all others, no exceptions. Of course, you're in Texas, but no matter how much Texans love their state, it's not (any more/yet) a country, so its flag files junior to the other two.  But displaying a single unaccompanied flag skirts the issue of seniority entirely. No problem. Lots of people here in Miami fly their home-county flag.


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