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I recently came across a flag believed to belong to my grandfather,who served in WWII. The flag has 48 stars sewn in. It is stamped in the upper right corner. The first line reads "FLAG, STORM 5x9 1/2 FT". The second line is less eligible. I believe it reads as follows, "U.S.M.?. VALLEY FORGE FLAG CO." There is another line printed below the Valley Forge Flag Co., but is ineligible. It has two large, very solid metal rings attached the corner by screws & small washers rather securely. Any idea a date or irigin for this flag? Perhaps even maybe just it's purpose? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Valley Forge is a major manufacturer. No indication of the date. "Storm" suggests, in those pre-nylon days, that this flag was made sturdy enough to fly in a storm. (Note the secure attachments.) Military or civilian, there's no way to tell, though USMC (marine corps?) might be the initials, so that would obviously be military. Other than that, all US civilian and military use the same design, so there's no way to tell its actual use.


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