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I have 2 flags that i'm looking for information on, here is a pic. of each one

Flag 1 is the US "Yacht Ensign." Totally unofficial but very popular on private boats. It cannot be flown in international waters because nobody recognizes it in any official capacity, but here at home there are no regulations on flags flown from boats. It's an attractive design and widely used.

Flag 2 is the "US Navy League." I went to their website ( and didn't see it, but saw some jewelry on eBay with the same logo. Yours may date from WWII or Korea. USNL is a private organization in support of the military and civilian sea services (navy, marines, coastguard, and merchant marine.)


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Albert Kirsch


I am more-or-less expert in vexillology (the study of flags). My expertise is particularly strong in North America at the level of city and county, but if I don`t know the answer I know a dozen people who do. So if there`s a flag in the newspaper or on TV that you have trouble identifying, let me know. I`ll do my best. But PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO APPRAISE A FLAG'S VALUE: (1) I have no expertise in that area and (2) even if I did, I cannot appraise something I can't see. Take it to a museum which has a specialist in textiles and the like.


In this field, I designed the flag of Carroll County, Illinois, in 1974 (see You can see my personal flag at

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