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My father recently passed away and while going through his things I found 2 flags that I wanted to know more about.  
One is a cotton Cambodian flag size 6'x9' made by USASC (PHILA) MFG. DIV.  
The second is a cotton National Spanish flag size 6'x9' made by Danco Mfg. Div.  I narrowed it down to the Franco period (1945-1977).  
Neither flag is dated.  The color for both flags is perfect.  There aren't any snags or tears.  The temple on the Cambodian flag is sewn on.  The Spanish flag is actually printed on the fabric.

What would these be worth?  If you would like pics of them I can do that too.

I must apologize for the delay in answering.  We here at AllExperts are volunteers from various fields and I have been distracted with family matters and holiday selling.

The two flags you describe are probably post-WWII, too large for the average collector, and have no real market in America.  Ebay would be your best bet and I cannot give you a good estimate except to say very low, under $100 each, is likely.  Perhaps $20 each.  But if you find the right person you never know...

Please have a nice holiday.



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