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Flags/2 potential placement spots in a conference room


Hello-We are putting the U.S. flag and state flag in the boardroom of our college. On the wall opposite the door are portraits of college presidents. The table is positioned so that the Board chair sits with his back to the wall to the right of the door (meaning the portrait wall is to his right when seated). I understand the rule about the U. S. flag being to the seated speaker's right but the Board of Trustees is not the only group using that room. Other speakers or hosts of other groups using the room might not necessarily sit in the same spot the Board chair does.

Several of us think the flags should be placed on either side of the portraits, one in each corner. Considering the seating information I mentioned in the first paragraph, would that be incorrect placement?

Thank you.

I assume the room has no permanent fixtures like chairs in an auditorium. In that case the flags should be best set as you describe, US to the viewer's left of the portraits, state to the right. Of course, if they are movable, you might want to move them for the board meetings, but that wouldn't be necessary.


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