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Im trying to date my grandfathers bennington flag. The appearance is very old and the grommets look to be machine pressed. All the stitching looks to be single thread and the stars are seven pointed and dye on. A valley forge label is on it with a vf-5 also. Printing on the label seems very dated as well.. lmk how i can get a round about date cause the family swears its 100 years old.

Valley Forge flag company was founded in 1882, so you're well within that 100-year estimate. From your description it seems quite old,  but whether it's before or after 1914 I couldn't tell you. I assume it's either cotton or wool, not nylon or some modern fabric. So while a definite date cannot be assigned without an expert actually looking at it, a 100-year ballpark estimate is not out of the question.


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