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As you face my house from the street I display the American Flag on a horizontal pole that extends perpendicular to  the right side of the house by the front porch and even with the front of the house. The flag hangs vertically and the stars are displayed in the upper left corner as you face it from the street. A friend recently questioned this display saying the stars should be in the upper right as you see it from the street. Can you tell me how it should be displayed in this situation?

house floor
house floor  

nearly horizontal
nearly horizontal  
I'm not clear on exactly what the house looks like.... But I'll say this much:

1. If the pole is anchored at only one end, the stars go at the top of the pole no matter which way you're facing.

2. If the pole is anchored at both ends and the flag hangs vertically, the stars should be in the upper LEFT as you look at it from the street. A quick view of the House of Representatives chamber will set that straight.



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