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Hi, i Would like to ask you about this flag, IT has 50 stars, The size is 40x78 and is from Cotton. Do you know from which year it is, and if its collectibale? Thank you for your time!

It is not a collectible, though it is an "official" US government flag. By that I mean its dimensions are those specified in the official description of the flag, a ratio of 1:1.9. (Typical popular flags are 3x5, or 1:1.7) Where this flag flew is anyone's guess (unless you have the history), but it was likely someplace official, like a post office or naval vessel. It may have flown above the Capitol, but those are not collectible either, as so many people request them that there is one person (or two) whose sole job is to raise a flag, let it fly for a few seconds, and then lower it for the next one.  The manufacturer, Annin, is a large company who produces the bulk of flags sold in this country, US and foreign.

The year could be any time after 1960 (the 50th star was added on the July 4 following Hawaii's admission as a state in August 1959.)

Enjoy it, though. Most people do not have a flag saying "U.S. Property."


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