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I have a 3 by 5 nylon us flag that was requested and flown over the Capitol by the Honorible Joseph Biden Jr, this was March 11th, 1992. At this time Joseph Biden was a Senator in Delaware.The flag is in the box it came in along with the certificate of auth which was signed by George M. White the Architect of the Capitol at that time. I am interested in selling this and was wondering what kind of price range I might get. I have had this flag since Senator Biden gave it to me in 1992.

I am not an expert on the value of old flags. However, I know that when he was in the Senate, Vice President Biden's office distributed many, many flags of that type. It's something every member of Congress does regularly for constituents. So, I doubt whether it has much value. That said, I would suggest you take it to an antiques dealer near you who specializes in Americana.  


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