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I have a 48 star flag that is 4 1/3 X 5 1/2 ft. Bull Dog Bunting Dettras products. Stars are sewn on. Each colored stripe is sewn on as well. My question is why the odd size and how old is it?

My second flag has Stantest Bunting Flag by Dettras flag. This is a 3 X 5 ft. Flag but the blue field with the Stars appears to be printed but each color stripe is sewn together. Any info would be good on how old etc.


Sorry for the delay in getting to your question, as I was traveling.  We here at AllExperts are volunteers from various fields.

The first flag would be post-WWII (1941-45) through 1959.  5.5 feet isn't really an unusual size.  It's whatever Dettra thought would sell / what someone in their market demanded.  In order to meet the proper proportions it had to be 4 1/3 feet.

The second would be a lower quality flag.  It was a cheaper way to produce flags and thus the price could be less to the buyer.  It's a common method.  On a 5-foot flag, the stripes were usually sewn, even if the canton was printed.

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