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34 Star American Flag
34 Star American Flag  
"Hello Sir,
I came across a American Flag with 34 stars on it. The stars are arranged in A 5-6-6-6-6-5 pattern. The material is cotton machine stitched with brass Grommets. Inked on the side are the words 3x5 Storm King All Cotton WTL 1721. This flag was my Grandfather's Who lived in NE Pennsylvania and collected antiques. I have had this flag since 1999. In your opinion do you think this is an Original, or a Reproduction flag?
Thank you for your time and help.

Hi and thanks for your email.

This is ca 1960 or so, possibly even later.  It's a late 20th century reproduction.  Storm King is a brand name.  I can't recall which maker it belongs to for a couple of reasons.  One, this mark is usually seen on flags that I would not consider to be antique, and I am a specialist in antique flags with a particular focus on the 19th century.  You can encounterit in the early 20th century, but your flag is later.  Most with this mark are.

Two, most of the flags I have seen with this marking do not have the maker's name, only the brand name.

In a cursive search on the web I did find one with a maker's tag AND the Storm King brand name, but the images was too tiny to read the name of the maker.  Might be Collegeville.

I am sorry I can't tell you the maker, but I can tell you that it's 1960's or after.
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