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I was wondering if you could tell me what Stevie Nicks interpretation is to her song "crystal" that was done for the movie "practical magic"?

Hi Amy,

Sorry it took me a while to answer your question.

As far as Crystal goes, she never gave an interpretation of the song. She only gave an explanation to the line "You remain ageless". She said she wrote that line about her father (who passed away on August 10 2005). My feeling is that the rest of the song is about Lindsey Buckingham since it was written in 1973 and they were a couple at that time (from 1969 until 1976).
Crystal also appears on their album called Buckingham Nicks which was released in 1973 and on the so called 'white' Fleetwood Mac album called Fleetwood Mac released in 1975.

Hope this helps and thanks for the question.


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