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QUESTION: Hello, as are millions of people, I am an avid fan of Stevie Nicks. Every night, I watch the Boston concert, the "In Your Dreams" documentary, the "Sound City" document, as well as "The Music Remastered: Fleetwood Mack documentary. I understand that the question I am asking might just be non of my business, but I thought that the song "For What It's Worth" (from watching the documentary) was about Dave Stewart, but Wikipedia says at loc. [55] that it was Tom Petty.  Did I misunderstand the documentary?

Also, I was heartbroken to hear that Stevie is selling her beautiful, magical home in which she filmed the documentary.  At 55 years of age, I am still an avid fan of fantasy, fairies, statues, actually anything mystical, it just adds more flavor to our world. But I am sure she has her reasons.  I believe that you cannot watch her without falling in love with her and her music.  Thank you for your time.  Sincerely, Catherine

ANSWER: Hi Catherine,
Thanks for your question. I'll do my best to answer it for you. The song For What It's Worth is written about the drummer who worked with her for the Street Angel tour. He helped her get through some rough times after she came out of rehab.

I don't know where you heard that she's selling her house, that information is incorrect.

Thanks again ~ Debbie

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I just thought you might like to know that there are a bunch of sites saying that Ms. Nicks is selling her home.  Some are even quoting the price as $1.625 Million, one even said we can't take bids over the computer.  One such site is and they go on from there.

Also, it was just the other day that I made a small donation to the non- profit Wikipedia organization, they asked me if I wanted to help with the editing.  In my younger days, I did a lot of editing as a legal secretary, but I didn't because I don't have access to that kind of information.  They are the ones that said it was Tom Petty.  The info written in red is information not yet validated.  It is at location [55].  Maybe someone should let them know it wasn't Tom and leave it at that.  Or maybe she just wants to leave it alone.  I won't edit it, I only thought she might like to know that's what it said.  After all she deserves as much privacy as can be had when you're The Stevie Nicks.

Hi Catherine,
Thanks for the follow up. I don't know where mstarz get their information from but I haven't heard anything about Stevie selling her home and certainly not for $ 1.625 million. The house where In Your Dreams was recorded is worth (and cost her) a whole lot more than that. Also, the house shown in the picture used to be hers back in nineties. She sold that a long time ago.

Wikipedia's information is not verified, Stevie herself says in the documentary that the song For What It's Worth is about a drummer.

Thanks ~ Debbie

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