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I know Stevie and Lindsey had a huge fight when he said he was leaving the band. What where his real reasons for leaving? Was Lindsey concerned about Stevie's klonopin addiction?

Hi Kira,
I hope you're doing great. As for your question, as far as I know he wasn't just concerned about Stevie but about Mick as well. He saw them both going through a downward spiral and couldn't handle that anymore. Plus he didn't want to be in a band anymore, he wanted to do his own thing. Fortunately everything worked out and all five of them are back together in the band :)
Hope this helps!

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I've been a Stevie Nicks fan for over 30 years. Area of expertize: the seventies and eighties.


I've loved Stevie Nicks since 1976 to present, I've met her 3 times and once had a long talk with her at a party. I've also met the other band members. I also talked to people who worked for the band: Judy Wong, Paul Fishkin and Rebecca Alvarez but also family members brother Chris and his wife Lori.

I've done a Fleetwood Mac fanzine from 1979 to 1990 called The Chain and one for Stevie from 1983 to 1993 called Welsh Witch.

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