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Fleetwood Mac/Need help identifying a you tube clip that is making me crazy


There is a clip about 30 sec on you tube, if you put in Stevie Nicks dancing a small clip will come up where she is really rocking out with the tambourine and there is not enough of the song to identify it, take a look and end my madness

Hi MaryBeth,
Thanks for your question and I will end your madness lol. The clip you're talking about is from the 1982 VHS called Mirage and was filmed during the Mirage tour. The song Stevie is rocking out to is Blue Letter and you can find it on their 1975 Fleetwood Mac album called Fleetwood Mac. This was the first album with Stevie & Lindsey (Buckingham). Hope this helps.
Remain enchanted ~ Debbie

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I've been a Stevie Nicks fan for over 30 years. Area of expertize: the seventies and eighties.


I've loved Stevie Nicks since 1976 to present, I've met her 3 times and once had a long talk with her at a party. I've also met the other band members. I also talked to people who worked for the band: Judy Wong, Paul Fishkin and Rebecca Alvarez but also family members brother Chris and his wife Lori.

I've done a Fleetwood Mac fanzine from 1979 to 1990 called The Chain and one for Stevie from 1983 to 1993 called Welsh Witch.

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