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Gen wrote at 2016-03-02 17:19:29
Jane, I have been reading the above info and would like to correct a mistake of Johns. Stainmaster is not a topical stain treatment it is a proprietary treatment built in to all stainmaster fibers that will last the life of the carpet and not come off with washings. He may be thinking of Scotchguard. I myself like both triexta and stainmaster, but did not need the softness so used Stainmaster in my house because I felt it would hold up better over time. (Their best carpet is called pet protect and I have pets. Lifetime pet stain warranty and built in negative charge so releases pet hair with vacuuming) Stainmaster makes carpet using Nylon 6,6 fiber, BET polyester (any *BET* polyester is a polyester with some or all recycled material) and a mixture of polyester and ptt, which is triexta. Triexta is made using recycled materials, the Sonora Triexta is made using 37% corn derived oils. Stainmaster does have a *solution dyed* nylon 6,6 available as well, Which really the most notable advantage of is it will hold up to bleaching like the triexta but I wouldn't want to put bleach on my carpet anyway because it can damage the backing and pad, and smells bad. For your areas something with a higher twist and higher density will hold up better to traffic. Consider getting something with a two/tone or multicolor fleck as that will help hide traffic soil and stains between cleanings. Triexta will be the softest fiber, but the other fibers are being extruded finer these days to try to come closer in feel. The softer fibers can show more wear, so just check the twist, the higher the better. The twist is as it sounds, the carpet twisted together then heat set so it holds its shape. The tighter the twist the better the "bounce back" of the carpet. Longer fibers will again show traffic sooner as they will start to "lay down" with wear. Regular vacuuming helps with that. Nylon will hold up the best over the long run, but for a less expensive option polyester or a mixture is okay...some people like to change their carpet after 10 years or so anyway with the current style. (Stainmaster 6,6 nylon has up to a 28 yr wear warranty, lifetime stain and soil) Sorry if this is rambling...hope it helps.


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