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Daniel wrote at 2009-07-08 12:40:13
A rule of thumb to follow, you never install a floor on top on an old one. You should always tear up the old floor and start directly on the sub-floor. I don't believe the staples themselves are the real problem. Most flooring professionals use staples to install the Luan plywood. The staples that the current installer used probably aren't long enough to go through the old vinyl floor and into the subfloor enough to hold properly. Therefore, when you walk over it, it pushes the staples down and they hold for a little while, but they eventually loosen up and you have your noise problem again. So the staples may be the problem, but because they were improperly used

Sam Beagle - Beagle's Interiors wrote at 2009-12-29 21:11:12
What we have here is what I call a "tack and release" problem.

What is taking place is that the floor was most likely NOT stripped of a buildup of cleaner or wax before the new underlayment was installed.  Furthermore the new underlayment is not flush with the old vinyl.  What happens is that when you take a step, the load or weight you place on the floor because of your step brings the new underlayment in contact with the old vinyl.  When these two surfaces come together, there is adhesion or a tack that takes place temporarily.  When you then step forward, the underlayment will separate form the old vinyl causing it to crackle.  Depending upon the amount of tack involved, I have seen this happen to where it takes place with every step and I have also seen it as you describe where the underlayment is tacked for a longer period of time and then the whole process starts all over again.  This can happen when stepping down - releasing other areas as the underlayment deflects - or it can happen when you remove your foot to step forward again.

To correct this one would remove the vinyl and underlayment - strip any residue from the vinyl underneath it and then reinstall the underlayment and vinyl.  However, for me - I would go down to the original structural sub floor so that I installed it over the original structural sub floor and not over another vinyl floor.  That could be a problem though as there could be several floors beneath and that can cause a height problem at the transition points.  

Let me know what you think please.

tbowe wrote at 2013-08-25 14:57:21
we did not glue or staple and our luan crackles like that. I believe it is the luan that makes the noise.

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