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I have a covered deck with windows.  We put 3/8" plywood on the floor and now plan to carpet it.  Do we have to crackfill the plywood??

I strongly suggest you do so, but not for the reason you might expect. There is a phenomenon called "filtration soiling" that might crop up.  This is where air moves into or out of the building through cracks, usually around the baseboards.  As it does so, airborne soil particles are filtered out by the carpet pile and trapped there.  The result is a dark line of soil wherever the air movement occurs, and it can be very difficult to clean.  It can also occur where air moves through cracks in the underlying flooring material, through the pad and carpet. In these cases, the cracks between the sheets of plywood are clearly outlined as faint dark lines. Since I suspect there are cracks between the decking boards, your situation would be more prone to this phenomenon.

Filling the cracks would be cheap insurance against this.

Hope this helps

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