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QUESTION: I had carpet installed in half of my upstairs home 4 years ago. I went to the carpet dealer I have dealt with for years to find out he no longer owns the store. Well here is my problem, there are no records available of the name, style or color of my original carpet all I have is a tag that was on the back of left over carpet. Can you please help me find out what I have.
The label reads-

griege# 8956279
a bar code
795 MEA 46533
05/16/08    08:06

I remember it was Mohawk and I think it was Smartstrand, I do not know the style name or color.
The new owner of the store was not very helpful, I really would like to match the existing carpet I have.

Thanks, Shell

ANSWER: Why a retailer would not bend over backward to make a sale is beyond me.  A simple call to the manufacturer would have produced some of the information below.

The code 795 denotes Mohawk products in the FHA carpet certification.  The number 46533 is assigned to a particular product, as manufactured.  Such products may be sold through several marketing channels or brands. In this case, it is marketed under the following names:

     BP656 Pennant Winner
     FZ 206
     FV 113
     NA 561
     RG 336 Home Stand

These names are all for the same carpet as manufactured; there may be more.  

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your information, I found the bill from my carpet and all it had on it was CV018 #34. I called Mohawk and they told me to go to a Mohawk colorcenter dealer. She would not give me a name because it was  proprietary information. What a joke. It is so frustrating that they play this game of switching the names of carpeting. So I went to a Mohawk colorcenter dealer and gave him the CV018 #34 and he still has not got back to me. One day I hope to find out what I really have so I can finish the other half of the upstairs.

Did not realize this was awaiting an answer.

They may have thought you were price shopping - them against another dealer. I would approach the dealer with the proposition that you absolutely intend to purchase carpet, if not from them, then their competitor, and that all they need to do to make the sale is help identify your old carpet.  I cannot imagine a retailer who would not make a small effort to help out when a sure sale is imminent.  

If no response they must simply have too much business.  

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