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If a tile company used a water based stripper, express from newline industries, and really wet the tiles so much that the humity on my house cause dripping water from my air vents will this ruin the tile? Plus they grinded the tiles to take off the coatings, tile was put down in the 70's. We have been out of the house for almost 6 weeks due  to fumes. The tile still looks bad.

I can't very well help when the issue is about someone else's products.  

Moisture/water should not hurt tiles. Grinding tiles is another issue, which often ruins the aesthetics of the tile and floor.  All things considered, it might be best to tear the floor out and replace it with new tile.

Bill Hohmann

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I can answer questions concerning the stripping and sealing of various tile, brick, and stone flooring with an emphasis on Mexican Tile. I cannot help in regards to installation issues, such as what sort of tile to use; how to install or remove tiles, etc.


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