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Hi Bill, here's a softball toss for you...(sorry in advance for the multitude of questions)

I have an new outdoor deck and outdoor stairs (15 steps) that lead up to this deck. My plan is to put down Unsealed Super Saltillo (from Lowes) down on both the outdoor deck and stairway.

Here are some of my needs:

I want the tiles to last a looooong time. I want a nice deep tone after sealing. Basically maximum protection and aesthetically pleasing.

Reading your past responses, I take it that "Stone Glamor" is the product I would want. Is this correct? I was told to use an Oil based sealer for maximum life.

Also do I use this for the grout as well? Or is that "Mex Seal"? What is the order of the sealing process? Stone Glamor first and then Mex Seal? Or the other way around?

Also I'm in Kalifornia (Hollywood). Do you have a retailer out here or do I need to purchase online?

Thanks so much for volunteering your time to answer our questions.


I'm really sorry, but we cannot (and will not) sell in Kalifornia until such time the business atmosphere improves out there.  Right now, our sealers do not meet the stringent VOC regulations. The only thing I know of that meets the standards is DuPont's product line, which is essentially a fluoropolymer "grease" which I consider to be totally unsuitable for "sealing" any surface that is walked on.

I have found a resin that makes a very good sealer for Saltillo that meets the regulations there, however the cost is terrible.  Also, if we were to make this and market it in Kalifornia, we would still be required to report to the state the VOC level in the sealer, along with other information, and still pay them for the privilege of selling it in your state.  We are of the opinion your state has no business regulating interstate commerce.

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