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Should new carpet tack strips be installed when replacing wall to wall carpeting.  We had new carpeting installed about a year ago and it is not wearing well.  The installed used the old tack strips and pieced the padding in some areas.  The carpet had a "lumpy" feel to it in the areas that the pad was pieced.  I was not home when the carpet was installed but my daughter and husband were.  I questioned this right away and they told me about the pad being pieced.  I should mention that the installer also broke a corner wall in the room...He claims we must not have any 2 X 4 in the wall in that area...I've had other carpet installed in this room twice before with no problem.  I called the people back the day after the install to complain.  The installer came back about a month later, pulled up one corner of the rug, crawled under to inspect & told me everything was fine.  I asked how long he warrentied his work & he said 1 year.  I called him recently & he looked at the carpet again.  Said it needs to be restretched but wants us to have a factory rep look at the rug because it's "matting."  I called the store & they will be coming out to look at the rug but asked me to get it steam cleaned first.  What are your thoughts?  Can you give me some direction?  Thanks, Sue


I just wanted to apologize for any delay with my answer.

It is customary to leave the tack strip in place unless it is damaged. I have seen water damage and termite damage. Barring some other disaster it will remain intact and serve its purpose for years, outlasting carpet many times over.

Pieced up padding is a gray area, it depends on how much and where? I will utilize large pieces to eliminate waste and save the customer money. Especially if the job is tight,  in otherwords padding comes 30 yds to the roll, if the job is 125 yards we will usually piece up and do everything in our power to save the customer from buying an extra roll.

Lumpy feeling,  someone else should inspect the area. Or the carpet can be peeled back completely and you can see it yourself. Normally the pieced up padding can not be detected due to the pile height and backing of the carpet. This even more true if the seams of the pad were taped with inexpensive tape to make sure the edges of the pad do not curl when the initial carpet is slid into place. This might be what happened?? Padding will curl when a heavy / large piece of carpet is pulled into the position prior to the installation.

Broken wall....totally the installers fault. Power stretchers are used and a buck board is laid against the wall just so this won't happen. I have done many a drywall repair, usually because I got lazy or was taking a short cut. Well actually only a few,  but it was my fault. A buckboard can be a simple 2x4 or 4x4 wrapped with carpet made long enough to span 3 or 4 joists...typically 4 foot is an everyday tool used by all installers that I know.

As far as wear and matting are concerned I can not see the material or the work. If you clean it first call the manufacture or look them up online and get hold of customer service.They will have detailed methods of how to have your carpet cleaned. After the cleaning it can be restreched. If you restrecth the carpet first it might get loose again after steam cleaning.

1 year is the typical labor your case if I were your installer I would extend that just to make sure you felt and had piece of mind. My work will last 2 years easily and a complimentary restrecth only takes a few hours if the house is 1200 - 1500 sq ft.

Wishing you Happy Holidays  

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