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I have 4 x 4 ceramic or porcelain tiles (look like natural finish) I am wanting to stencil a design on them using drywall compound or something like that and then seal with mod podge to make coasters.  Will the plaster stick to the tile?

Thank you for your question Deann...sorry I am tardy responding to you.

    The chances that something like a drywall compound remaining attached to the Ceramic or especially the Porcelain is not very good...but with the application of mod podge it will improve your chances. The glue should securely hold the stencil in place but there is no telling for how long on the Porcelain example mainly because the porosity for the material is so small, .05 means very little will stick to it but that is mostly a concern for a sealer being used and over a floor installation not for a coaster. I think your coaster will last longer than most other coasters and with your personalized design I think it worth a shot to see it succeed. What's the worse that can happen?...let me know how it goes, sounds interesting. Feel free to return anytime...

Perry V.

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