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Hi Carol:

I have been shopping for carpet, and based in part on the salesmans recommendation I have tentatively chosen Karastan Modern Masterpiece which is a dense,thick & luxurious carpet that I very much like the feel of, but it is made via Everstrand.  

Unfortunately I have since learned that Everstrand sheds.  Is this true of all Everstrand types, or since we are looking at a  premier brand such as Karastan, have they been able to stop or greatly limit the shedding?

This carpet is on sale and the price is excellent for a Karastan carpet of this density and feel, hut I don't want to be picking up and vacuming fuzz balls all the time nor do I want them to collect on the bottom of my pants or not allow me to sit on the floor without getting fibers on me.  

When I learned about the shedding I shopped some BCF carpets and not only were they much more expensive, but they did not have the dense-thick feel of the Karastan Everstrand. I can deal with some months of shedding until it "presumably" stops, but I won't be happy if it keeps shedding for many more months or years down the road.  Will the shedding stop in a reasonable amount of time, like 6 months?

In asking this question, please presume that the carpet I get has no defect and I just want to get an opinion on a normal Everstrand produced - ie; although there is certainly a warranty, I don't want to go in that direction because it is mostly a big hassle that is difficult to win.  I want to select the right carpet from the beginning.

We have no pets and the carpet will be installed only in the bedrooms and office as the rest of the house is hardwood.  We also want to make sure that the carpet will wear well with repeated use in the main walkways to those rooms.

Due to the nature of Everstrand, should I resign myself to just looking at BCF?.

Thank you

Their website doesn't give me a ton of information, but this is what I see.  They do a Everstrand BCF and one not labeled as such.  You can only assume that is not a BCF fiber.  Anything not BCF is short fibers, that is why it will shed.  Will it shed continuously?  Yes.  Is it going to shed like my Samoyed puppy?  Probably not.  Wool is a non BCF product.  If you go this route, pay careful attention to the vacumn you use.  I would go with one with the carpet-rug institutes seal of approval (you can google this).  Some very high end vac's have been found to really tear up a staple yarn (non BCF), one particularly guilty is some Dysons.  

Warranties apply primarly to wear.  There would be no warranty for shedding, unless it is so excessive more than 10% of the carpet face weight has been lost.  

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