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dear sir,
I have recently had a parquet floor put in my house. The floor was new build so the underfloor might still have been slightly humid. Now some parts of the floor have completely come of the cement, basically the glue is not keeping the wood on the floor, if I knock with my knuckles on those points it sounds hollow. In general the flood is not completely flat, each slate is slightly buckled up, like small waves.
Now my question is if I need the hollow parts redone as I am worried that with time it will get worse as the humidity in the summer can be quite bad. The builder who has laid the floor says there's no problem but I want to enjoy the floor even in 20 years time....
kind regards

Thank you for your question Joost,

    You don't mention where in CA you live but I know humidity levels are always elevated near the coast of anywhere. So based upon your brief mention of sections of the install are lifting off the cement I am assuming that a "glue" adhesive was employed to adhere the Parquet to the slab. Prior to the installation did your Contractor perform a "moisture test" to determine whether it would be a good idea or not to continue with the installation? Ground water can affect any slab on grade and a test will tell a lot. Not that it would affect a thinset installation of Ceramic Tile but using a glue (was it a water based glue or oil based adhesive) to install a Parquet could be affected. If moisture is transfereing into the adhesive it can cause it not to "set" or cure and instead the wood material comes in contact with "moisture" which is the enemy of wood and buckling will soon ensue as you are learning first hand. I would pull up a couple of the suspect Parquet to inspect the adhesive beneath and see it's condition. It may still be "wet" to the touch and if so then the glue adhesive has failed and a correction will be required. If there is buckling of this wood flooring, your Builder saying "there's no problem" doesn't count for much and he is avoiding reality. I would have a "third party" Homes Inspector come and have a look that way you can get a "certified report" that can be used to encourage cooperation at making you a happy and satisfied customer. Do you have copies of your Contractors Liability Insurance??? I hope so...anyway I am not confident that your floor is going to improve most likely it will get much worse so pull up some parquet to check the glue and call a Home Inspector to give clarity to what your current situation is ok? Thats it Joost I hope this helps you with your problem, feel free to return anytime...

Perry V.

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