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Hello again.  You may recall that back around Nov. 14 I asked you a series of questions regarding Karastan's Modern Masterpiece Everstrand carpet and it's likelihood to shed, and you pretty much persuaded me to go with a nylon BCF instead.

Unfortunately the BCF's that have a similar density and feel to them are priced well above the Karastan that sheds.  Since we are shopping carpet for a new home, and we thought we could do better (price and quality)by getting our own carpet instead of the builders, we are now tired of all the conflicting advice we are getting from the various carpet retailers that we have visited.  I swear that they are worse then used car salesmen!

Henceforth, we may just make it easier on ourselves and go with what the builder is offering and would like your opinion.

The builder has 6 levels of carpet and the nicest feel,density and selection of colors comes from their Level 5 which is their Shaw "Photography", which in some locations is also called "Towncreek II".  It came out in late 2009 and Shaw has it listed as Style #52S30.  According to the Shaw web site it has a face weight of 48.80 oz. per sq. yd. and it also says it is an R2X Nylon - Evertouch.  The web site does not mention that it is a BCF, but their customer service rep says it is.  The rep also said the density was 2470. So with Shaw, their web site and customer service reps contradict each other regarding the BCF.

HELP...is this a BCF or not?  Is this what you would consider a quality carpet or not.  Do carpet manufacturers make "builder quality carpet" vs what I would buy at a retailer, and if so am I to presume that the builder carpet is of lesser quality?

Maybe we should just go back to what we liked in the first place - the Karastan that has stapled yarns that shed :)  I'm just kidding, but am very frustrated by this whole ordeal.  I look forward to your comments.

As I said before I do not have the sample books, since I am not in retail (anymore) nor am I a salesman. I see much too many carpets to remember specific ones (25,000+ inspections to date). Based my experience and knowledge as an inspector, cleaning instructor and past installer I can tell you what to look for in floor covering products on this forum. But if you are looking for me to clearly state (which I think you want me to) which actual product you should buy without me seeing an actual sample,  please understand I just cannot do that.

With that it mind, according to the Shaw website, both Photography & Towncreek II (they look identical) have a performance rating of 3.75 out of a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best. So based upon their website neither has a 5 rating.  I cannot tell by the photo if it is a  staple or a BCF yarn. My memory seems to think it is but I would call Shaw again and ask someone else to double check if it is BCF, just to make sure that the original person in customer service got it right. Just because the website does not say it is a BCF does not mean it is or it isn't. Again if I had a sample I could tell by looking at it.  So if your builder is calling Photography a level 5 carpet, there is a problem somewhere either in what he is telling you or on his samples, etc.

Your asking me if it is a "good quality carpet".  This is a relative question:
1. In comparison to a level 5, no. In comparison to a level 2, yes. With Shaw, their Anso Nylon is "best" with Evertouch being "good".
2. Is it a good quality to put on stairs, halls, main traffic areas? No. I don't remember where you were putting the carpet in your home. In a bedroom a 3.75 rated might be ok.
3. The Anso will obviously cost more than Evertouch. Have I seen carpet better than Anso? Yes. Does that make Anso not best?
Like I said it is a relative question.

With both Evertouch & Anso there is a texture retention warranty that some other carpets in their line up do not have. This would give you some protection against a carpet uglying out (as opposed to wearing out). But again I also base future performance on tests that I told you that I recommend you do on the sample watch, after some basic visual observations such as the density/ability to see the backing through the pile and amount of twist of the tufts (the more the better).

Do manufacturer's make "builder quality carpet"? Yes. Is it different then what you can get at a retailer". Usually not, but may be under a different name. It's been my experience that builders usually do not offer the very "best" carpet.  

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