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I have a question about care and maintenance of vitrified tiles.

There are stains and spots on the tiles due to use of concentrated floor cleaners. Also, the shine on the tiles is fading a bit.

Please advice on the remedy to have the stains/spots removed and for maintaining the shine on the tiles.

Vitrified tile is supposed to be very non porous which leads me to believe that the staining is on the surface. This type of tile is acid resistant and therefore I would recommend the use of a high acid cleaner. Unfortunately this type of cleaner can be expensive and will absolutely damage any natural stone, wood, fascia board and stainless steel. Because of this I must express the use of extreme care if you decide to use acids. Otherwise good old elbow grease and a mild cleanser can be used as well.

As far as the luster and shine, unfortunately these tiles are typically baked which creates the shine. If there is a lack of shine then there is the possibility that the baked on shine has been worn down. The only way to repair the shine is to replace the tiles damaged. I am sorry.  

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