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Bill,  I had a problem sealing a new travertine floor using a soft cloth as the applicator.  The first two coats were okay but had minor streaking.  The third coat became very's a mess.  I read in one of your recent answers that Acetone will remove the sealer, which is also an enhancer.  Is it necessary to neutralize the surface before are-applying the enhancer, this time with a proper applicator ?

There is not much to go on here.  An "enhancer" can be a non-film forming sealer with a bit of urethane thrown in, or a film forming sealer.  Travertine, being only slightly porous, will enhance only slightly.  The thing here is that you must use a very soft fiber paint brush, or a foam rubber brush, in order not to get streaks.  

Acetone will take it back down to where you began, and there is no need to neutralize it, as the acetic acid in acetone is bound up so that there is no pH shift.

You also might try abrading the last coat off with a fairly aggressive pad, getting below the streaks, then applying another coat as mentioned here.

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