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We love the look of solid hardwood floor to us the look is so much warmer and a lot more beautiful
than engineered.  The biggest problem of course was laying hardwood flooring over concrete. Having
to use 3/4" outdoor plywood under the 3/4 solid hardwood meant a lot extra cost and inconvenience.  Finally found this product called Elastilon that is finally the answer to my problem I think.  It is so expensive but I think I will need to use it, other wise I will have to do plan A.  Is there
any other product out there that is as good but not as expensive, and is this product as good as they

Waldo Rodriguez

Forgive my being tardy Waldo...death in the family.

I decided to take a more indepth look to survey this product. I had made a cursory look see some years ago when another questioner posed basically the same question as you have. Here is what I glean from all this. It is more like a extraordinary large roll of Scotch tape turned upside down lending a bonding/adhesive layer with which to "hold" the wood "together" not so much as to hold it down. It leaves you with little more than a wood "rug" resting in place. Because this material (elastilon) is not overlapped or secured to itself in any way necessitates the need for a vapor barrier layer of visqueen. This effectively prevents the wood from being secured to the sub-strate in any way constituting the end result, nothing more than a floating floor of which there are many economical alternatives to choose from. Lets entertain what I would consider a perfect alternative to what you are considering. It is a real wood material of very high quality (in other words not cheap but won't break the bank). It is a 5/8"-3/4" material so considered a full dimensional product. It has a very unique "clip together" assembly process and can easily be installed over a cement slab. the product is calls "Kahrs"... here is their website.

Have a look and take some time to calculate the cost considering that the Elastilon is at least $2.00 sq.ft. and they don't sell 1/2 rolls so you will be required to purchase full rolls even if you only need a third of a roll to complete. The Kahrs employs an overlapping foam roll layer beneath the wood but it can be sealed together eliminating the additional vapor barrier and cushioning the wood as well. The material comes in 8" planks and clips together so seamlessly that you can't see where they are clipped. I installed this material in my own basement almost 10 years ago, it was still awesome when I sold the house. Now there are other "dimensional" wood products out there that are of the "glue together" variety and work very well in a basement scenario and are real wood. You will note though Waldo that "ALL" of the considered materials are "pre-finished" examples so they will all have a "micro-bevel" to visually delineate one board from the next which you will always see, you do not have this condition with the Kahrs. Anyway there you go, it's something to investigate Waldo just to give you more to think about. Sorry again for being so late, please come again anytime...

Perry V.

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