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wondering how I mate a hardwood nosing to carpeted landing.

thank you

Adam,  thanks for the question.

This can be a little difficult to make a clean transition between the nosing and the carpet.  You cannot really connect the carpet and hardwood together, they have to be separate.  You can only get the carpet and hardwood as close as possible, but I will tell you a trick to help the transition.  It may change if there is a height difference between the wood and carpet.

1)  If the height of the carpet and hardwood is the same then take your palm sander and sand down the sharp top edge of the nosing that touches the carpet to an even rounded edge, this will eliminate the hard sharp edge.  You can also scrape first then hand sand. Basically stopping any toe stubbing between the carpet and nosing.  Make sure to pull the carpet back first before installing, then place the tack strip very close to the nosing without touching.  Stretch the carpet, attach to tack strip, maybe trim some of the carpet using scissors, but allow the carpet to overlap the nosing just a little.  This will make as smooth as a transition as possible.

2)  If the wood nosing is shorter than the carpet then install some shims or a layer of wood underneath to raise the height of the nosing to even and follow instructions above.

3)  If the hardwood is higher then the carpet then rip the bottom of the nosing through your table saw the reduce the height and again follow above.  Or add some wood shims (or floor patch) under the carpet and tack strip, this will even out the height.

I hope this helps......if I did not answer your question well enough send a picture and I can respond.  I know it does depend on if the carpet is shag, fibers, Berber or lopped to possibly make installation adjustments.  Thank you.  

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