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bathroom vanity top
bathroom vanity top  
QUESTION: Hi, Can you tell me what the best product or way to repair a few small scratches on my white marble bathroom vanity top? i am an amateur and while the scratches are not huge, they bug me. Attached is a picture

ANSWER: These scratches may not look that bad but they will require the removal of a layer of the stone to be completely gone. A few stone supply houses carry quick fix stone products that will enhance the stone but not remove the scratches. If your determined to restore it though you'll need to get a makita 9227c variable speed 7" polisher and some monkey pads form a local distributor. Get all the grits (there are five) and then follow the instructions they come with. The 800 should remove the damage but be careful, prolonged use of any abrasive can damage the stone further requiring full restoration with diamond grinding.

Hope this helps, please don't hesitate to ask again if you get I a bind.

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QUESTION: Don thanks. When you say quick fix stone products, is there a specific product I should ask for? A polisher seems too complicated for someone like myself no? Is there something I can get at a home depot?

It's called stone enhancer. What it does is penetrate the stone and affect the color, by making it darker. This works to blend any scratches until they become less noticeable. You can get these products at Home Depot but the quality is questionable. I would search for a stone seller and ask them for a good enhancer. If you have no alternative then try the Home Depot product.

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