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I read the question and answer that is on your site......I also live in California and our pavers were installed about 30 years ago......the floors still look good. They were sealed with the above (both). I need to do some repairs and was also looking to buy at least the Mex Seal. Is it possible to purchase this in Arizona? If so would you know who might carry it?
I really do not want to put another product on top of the products I already have.....might not work so well.  LEAVE IT TO CALIFORNIA TO BE SOOOOO CONTROLLING.......

Thanks in advance for your response!


We have a number of accounts in Arizona, but today is my day off, and I am not at work, so I do not have access to the list of accounts right now.  You can call Sparks @ 817-488-6585 and get that information.

We like to call it the People's Republic of Kalifornia.

Bill Hohmann

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I can answer questions concerning the stripping and sealing of various tile, brick, and stone flooring with an emphasis on Mexican Tile. I cannot help in regards to installation issues, such as what sort of tile to use; how to install or remove tiles, etc.


Over 30 years experience in the manufacture development and use of sealers, coatings and cleaners for tile, stone, brick, etc.

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