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Hello Perry,
I live in Jerusalem, Israel. The bedroom of my apartment was originally a porch. Now that it is getting colder and rainy the tile floors adjacent to the wall (that was originally not there) sweat and there is also a mold patch on the wall. What can I do? If I put rugs down wouldn't that just soak up the water and eventually become smelly and moldy as well? Thanks!

Sorry I am so tardy Sarah....death in the family.

The moisture problem is a result of course of condensation...warm inside, not so warm outside. Placing a rug will only cause the rug to be wet along with the tile beneath it. There are "DE"Humidifiers on the market that can be plugged in and let run that will "pull" moisture from the ambient surrounding air and lower the amount of moisture available to create the interior "dew" that you currently have. The basic problem though Sarah is a design/engineering problem more than anything else. The solution (or at least the thing that can "help" reduce the problem) is to have an interior wall built against any/all exterior walls. Once you create an "airspace" between the exterior wall by another wall you will control the fluctuating temperature inside and keep it from changing so much and that will stop the condensation. The wall can be insulated and a moisture barrier between them. When the porch was enclosed it simply was not correctly designed to handle the changing temperatures (at least in lieu of this being a sleeping space follow me?) The climate "inside" must remain constant even if the climate "outside" changes. Of course the ceiling/roof area should also be insulated/sealed to prevent condensation from forming on the ceiling as well right? Ok Sarah I hope this helps you with your struggles, feel free to return anytime and forgive me for making you wait so long...

Perry V.

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