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I had carpet put in my home Aug.7 2013 it is shaw 100% nylon you can see the seams. help

While the visibility of carpet seams will vary depending upon the style of carpet and may not be 100% invisible, carpet seams should not predominate your view when looking at the carpet from a standing position. Assuming your seams are too obvious then:
Were the seams visible from the first day? Are there spaces at the seams? Is one side higher than the other? Are the seams fuzzing and become worse with usage? Are the seams peaked? These problems are usually due to the installer manner/method of making the seam. If the seams are fuzzing or losing tufts, this is almost always due to a lack of installer applied seam sealer, required by ALL manufacturer's.
While predominant seams are almost always an installation issue, there a few exceptions, such as: pattern is running off or backing delamination. Even in a patterned carpet there is a manufacturing allowance made in the carpet that would allow the installer to stretch the carpet to match the seam (i.e.,1 1/2" within 12'). Delamination at seams can be another manufacturing issue, but it IS apparent prior to installation and should either be rectified or NOT installed, so again it usually becomes an installation related matter.
If you have not contacted your dealer/installer, you should do so.
If you get back to me with more detail I may be able to be more specific on what your seam remedy would entail.

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