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Hi!  We are replacing the (asbestos) tile in the foyer and adjoining kitchen of a 1968 ranch-style home.  All other rooms, except for the bathrooms and the hallway, have the original, narrow, solid oak hardwood flooring, covered in various carpeting.  Eventually, but likely not for several years, we will remove the carpeting and refinish the hardwood flooring.  
For the foyer and kitchen, we have chosen Home Depot's "'Home Legends' Hand-scraped Maple, Sedona," a medium shade with slight reddish-orangey tones, which is very different from the original hardwood floors, and which goes beautifully with the slightly darker maple cabinets and even darker vintage pieces in the kitchen.  We have not yet decided between the 3-1/2" and 4-3/4" widths (nor have we decided between the "click & lock," the engineered, or the solid hardwood--we're weighing several factors, particularly cost, in making that decision).  
Our concerns regard aesthetics, which won't be obvious until we remove the carpet:  When the new flooring is laid, should it be parallel or perpendicular to the other flooring?  Should we choose the slightly wider 3-1/2" planks, which I think would make the spaces look larger than the 4-3/4" planks would, or is the 3-1/2" width too close to the other flooring, which means that should we go for the greater and more obvious difference in widths?  (Or we're making a mountain out of a molehill--just use transition strips?)
We'll appreciate your experienced eye and recommendations regarding these choices.  Thanks!

Judy ,

Depends on which method you choose for installation as to how to run the floor. I prefer to enhance the length of the room, thereby making it appear as large as possible. that may very well be the way it is now??

My personal opinion on the width is the 4-3/4" I love the wider boards. Large and bold for me.

If you have existing wood it will need to be addressed prior to any nail down installation. Usually covered with new plywood or removed and start over fresh. You can't nail down over old wood floor, nor glue. But you can do click/lock. Has it been done improperly before, probably, but always a high risk of squeaking and failure of the new nails / staples to properly hold the new wood. The old wood floor can split and fasteners can miss or bend as it hits an old tongue or groove or nail.

Floating or "click lock" is economical saves head aches and allows you to screw down any squeaky areas prior to installing...then the moisture barrier / foam underlayment goes down and then the wood floor.

If and when you remove the carpet, what shall you do if you find a plywood patch, suddenly your re finishing ideas are shot full of holes and the problems of matching and finding like kind wood is costly. If you float over the old wood you can eliminate that scenario.

I don't know if Home Depot actually manufactures that wood product you are referring to, I doubt it. They sell it / distribute it.  So with that in mind you will want to find the real manufacture and call them and get the installation specs and the recommended do and don'ts.

The box might very well have an 800 # to call and then you ask for customer / technical services. They can direct you to all the data I am speaking about, usually online.

You can also shop online

I suppose this is just 1 of many online sites...I have purchased flooring online a few times and all my experiences were good. From delivery to product quality and sundries. Just great service all the way around. A bit more costly delivered to a residence but still a great savings of time and effort.

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