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Hi-in our kitchen we have dark vinyl peel and stick flooring.Its wearing and we're trying to sell the house and I didn't want to spend the money and replace the flooring but theres numerous places where the color coating is wearing off and the white part of the tile is coming through.The store no longer has this tile so I cant replace the bad ones.The color is a dark green with some browns in it.I tried taking a dark magic marker to it but it won't work.Do you have any suggestions on how to make it look better?Thanks.

I was going to suggest marking pens, but that's not working. It could be there is a wax on there, inhibiting the markers, so try cleaning the floor with a wax type stripper, then try the markers again, or perhaps a water based ink from a hobby shop that matches the dominant color of the flooring.

Then, you can apply a finish over the floor to punch up the aesthetics, such as our Internacional Finish.

Bill Hohmann

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