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QUESTION: Hi Perry, If you notice on the attached picture- specifically on my shower saddle, there is streak across the middle of the saddle where the shower door closes. I have tried WD 40, Lysol clean up, etc and I cannot remove the streak. Do you have any idea how to get this completely wiped off? The bathroom, saddle, etc is only about a year old..Thanks!- Mike

ANSWER: Thank you for your question Mike,

   The picture shows me a carrera marble curb sill with a standard aluminum shower door swinging over it. More than likely Mike what is happening is water is cascading down the glass inside as you shower and running over the rubber gasket and pulling just a bit of the stuff over time with it staining the marble. If the rubber is not degrading then it may simply be the moisture dam created once the door is closed and water contained within the space and you are seeing a moisture line in the very porous marble. This line will most likely not go away as any moisture in a carrera marble stone will show up a shade or two darker every time the two meet after every shower. If you use it every day then there's never enough time for the moisture to evaporate away. You may consider allowing the shower to rest for a few days to see if the moisture evaporate away and the line dissappear or be reduced visually. Then you can employ a quality sealer to the surface of the sill and protect the top from water penetration that could be creating the line your are concerned about...ok? That's it Mike I hope this helps you with your problem, feel free to return anytime...

Perry V.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Perry- if you rub your hand along that spot on the saddle, it feels kind of "sticky-ish." It is INDEED where the door closes. I am saddened and surprised to hear there is nothing that will take it off but I appreciate your insight.

Mike...It could still be the rubber sweep on the bottom of the door coupled with soap scum and the like that is generated inside the shower. Have you ever heard of "Goof-off"? You can purchase it at any of the Home Improvement Centers for about $4.00 for a small can. This product can be amazing and may just be what you need to remove the sticky content on your curb sill. Try it with a razor blade and the scrubby side of your kitchen sponge and perhaps it will do the trick. Thanks for coming back, come again anytime...


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