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Hi Bill:

We have a large glazed ceramic tile floor in the great room, kitchen and hallways of our home.  The previous owners must have sealed it (dirt & all) because there is a sheen in some areas and it looks like it was done with a sponge mop in a hit and miss fashion.  It's definitely not a water-based sealer but we have no idea what was actually used.  Could be acrylic?

We've been working on stripping the floor tile-by-tile for some time using a product called Kleen Strip KS-3.  We apply with a wide stain brush and then scrape the finish off with plastic scrapers.

The finish does roll off with the scrapers but the problem is we have to go through the process multiple times for each tile before we get most of the finish off.  Even then, small areas of gloss remain on some of the tiles we've done.

I've seen some of your other replies recommending SR-5 and wonder if you think it would work better in our case?  Can the product only be purchased on line or do you have retailers in the NW Phoenix area.



We have a couple accounts in Phoenix, but I am at home right now, and do not have a list of accounts here, and I will not be in the office tomorrow.

You can contact them via email @  and use the links to write and ask who there in Phoenix has some  ( email: ).

Shot a wedding over in that part of Phoenix a number of years ago. Really nice area.

Bill Hohmann

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