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We have a pool that will be 9 years old this November. I noticed sometime ago that there were areas on our coping that was turning a bit greyish in color, they are light beige. I continually tried cleaning them but it just continued to spread. Finally I realized they are discoloring; the greyish color is the base of the concrete brick I assume. Well it looks horrible! I would like to know if there would be an option of painting them. We really do not have the funds to remove the entire coping and replace it. We had a painter come out to paint the deck, which is just cool deck and asked about the coping and he said he would paint right over all of it even the grout. He said he would not paint each brick avoiding the grout line and said it would look fine. I'm wondering if I could just tackle the job myself and paint each brick.
Any information would be greatly appreciated. It looks pretty bad.

Thank you,
I. Viera

What might work is to get some calligraphy ink from a hobby store in the color you would want, water it down 40 parts water to 1 part ink, then with a sponge dab this on the coping until you have masked that grey or made it the color you want. Then, you can seal the coping with our Sigma, that is designed for coping around a pool in the sun.

Bill Hohmann

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