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I want to install the 2mm self adhesive vinyl plank flooring in my basement over an old, existing 9 x 9 inch tile floor.  The old floor is well adhered and in good condition, however, it appears to have shrunk creating seams between the tiles of 1/16 inch or less. Will these seams show through the vinyl plank? Must I seal the seams before installing the new vinyl plank.  If so, what do you recommend using?  Thanks.

Hello Dick,

Yes they will telegraph through....you must,

Skim coat the floors and fill in the voids. Scrape smooth any trails/bumps/ridges and sweep, vacuum clean. Seal with Latex/primer rolled / brushed on allow to dry. To give the new vinyl a good bonding surface, free of dust and debris.

Use Mapei Plani patch sold in 25# bags at Lowes...Or Henry's 547 sold at the Home Depot and other flooring companies.

See all the products available and feel free to call and ask about primers and latex. Mapei has links as well...I like Mapei better but I use what is available.

All primers / latex sealers are the same ...get your best deal and don't worry about brand name.




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