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i am trying to strip poly urethane off of unglazed saltillo tile on outside patio of is the best way?and what should i use?

Our SR-5 Stripper will remove urethanes.  It is best to work on about 4 tiles at a time, while another 4 have stripper dwelling on them, and hop-scotch as it were as you go along, always wetting the next 4 tiles right before you start scrubbing the previous 4 tiles.

Once the stripper has dwelled on the tiles about 5-10 minutes, use a hand held scrub brush that is chemically resistant, and start scrubbing the sealer off the tiles, but just as you start, put a fair amount of water down on the tiles, so as the sealer comes off, the water soaks into the tiles instead of the sealer going down into the tiles, which would ruin the aesthetics.  You need to wipe up/off the sealer right away to again prevent the stripped material from going into the tiles.  This can be quite tricky, but practice improves doing this well.  Get a lot of paper towels ahead of time, and have a bucket or two for the towels once you have wiped up sealer with them. Best to wipe up, then flood more water on the tile, and then another small amount of stripper, and a second scrub and wipe up.

If wax was ever used, then substitute a water based wax stripper for the water. Still use water as the sealer begins to strip.

If the urethane is not in too bad of shape, it would be better to sand or abrade it dry with a stripping pad to remove any bad resin, and then re-coat.  Be careful not to sand into the surface of the tiles.

Stripping Saltillo is a job that takes a lot of patience and time.

Bill Hohmann

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