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Hello Perry!

I have some loose bathroom (ceramic) tiles in my shower area (just above the tub)...a row of seven that, if you push it in, they move.  It is the second row of tiles from the top of the tub.  This has been a problem for many years and I really want to get it resolved.  The grout is all intact (it is a reddish grout).  How do I go about doing this?  I see some recommendations of merely using Caulk (Silicone caulk and PVA caulk).  I don't know what's behind (I would imagine a plaster wall with some waterproofing).

Could it have damaged the wall behind?  


Thanks much!!!

Thank you for your question Joe,

   Well you do indeed have a lurking problem. I suspect that the wallboard (whatever it may be) has failed. You just don't know it yet, the grout and perhaps the tenuous connection of the adhesive is what is holding the tiles together like a ceramic rug...I am quite amazed that this has been going on as long as you claim. I think it time for a tear out and remodel of the walls and all new go in. You simply should not be able to "move" the tile by touching it and pushing it in. If you were to attempt to fix this by pulling on the tiles just a bit I would bet that many would fall right behind the first one. Caulking is what most likely has gotten you thus far. In my opinion you are past this kind of correction Joe. Now most average tub/shower combo's are about 60 sq. ft. and the cost of economy grade tile is about a $1.00 a sq. ft. so the actual cost factor to replace the tile is not all that great of a burden. So your labor costs you nothing...hanging up some new Denshild (about 5-6 sheets about $10.00 each) so the only thing after that is the adhesive ($35.00 for a bucket) and about $10.00 for the grout and there you have it...depending on your available time and patience to do the work. Ok Joe...I hope this helps you with your problem, feel free to return anytime...

Perry V.

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