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Is there any way to get impressions from furniture out of a short nap area rug? It has been just cleaned and the impressions still exist.
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It may depend on the fiber. Try this.  Place a wet white towel over the area.  Using a steam iron, steam the depressed area for about a half minute.  Remove the towel and brush the pile up.  Be careful, as the pile will be very hot, you may want to use a spoon to brush the pile.  Do NOT allow the iron to contact the fiber, as some fibers may melt and others could be discolored.

The steam softens the fiber and when it cools after brushing, it should remain upright.  

If the rug was on top of carpet, the depressed area may be due to stretching of the rug's backing.  This happens when the furniture leg compresses the rug's pile, the carpet pile and the carpet pad all the way to the floor underneath.  The steaming may help this situation.

Hope this helps !

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