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My patio floor is Saltillo tile, installed 17 years ago.  Over the years, rain water splashing up on the outer edges, about three to four tiles deep, has caused mottling and removed most of the colored coat (brown).  It is peeling off and looks terrible.  I don't know what to do.  Please advise me as to my options for restoration.  Thanks so much.

If I understand correctly, the surface of the tiles that have gotten lots of water on them has come off; spalling off?  

The clay underneath can be smoothed out by very light sanding, and stained in order to match the surface color/tint of the unaffected tiles by taking "Burnt Umber" water based ink from a hobby shop, and watering it down about 40 parts water to 1 part ink, then dabbing the tiles with this until you match up the tone/hue.

It would then be best to seal the tiles.  Seeing as it is outdoors, I would recommend our SPS as the penetrating sealer, and the Sigma for use as the topical.  You can read about these on our website:

Another option is to break out the affected tiles and replace them, if there were any left over from the installation, or if you can find some that reasonably match the existing tiles.

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