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For several years, I had a large area rug on top of an anti-skid,anti-slip adhesive pad covering my saltillo tile flooring. When I removed both area rug and the pad from the area I found that the adhesive residue from the anti-slip, anti-skid pad had infused a stain into the saltillo tile. How can I get that stain out? Thanks

It is not an adhesive residue, but a plasticizer used in the rubber backing that leaches out of the rubber and into the tile, and it is of such a nature that, given enough time, it will go right through a sealer also.

You would have to clean the tiles as though you are stripping them. If they are sealed, it's possible the plasticizer just leached into the sealer, so that removing the sealer takes it out in the process. If not, then a thorough cleaning of the tiles is required. Also, it helps to flood the tiles with water while cleaning so that the plasticizer "floats" on the water and up instead of just going deeper into the tiles.

Other options would be to replace the tiles, or attempt to stain them to look more like the surrounding tiles. It may also be possible to bleach the stain out with chlorine bleach, diluted 12 parts water to 1 part bleach as supplied.

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