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I live in the Midwest US. We are considering changing the carpet in our first floor bedroom,living room and dining room.  The house is 13 years old and has a full basement. The joists are the engineered I beam on 16 inch centers with 3/4 inch OSB tung and grove sub floor. We are considering installing an engineered hardwood floor. Would you recommend a floating floor or a nailed down installation. What are the downsides to a float inning click system? Does one type have better resale value? Would you recommend 1/2 inch bamboo?

Either of those products should work for you.  In either install the same criteria is followed, acclimation, allowing for expansion, testing for moisture and maintaining the correct humidity levels in the house after, etc.  A floating floor may have some limits on large open areas, they may require a spacer.  If you don't have a large open area, this may not be an issue. I have both in my house.  The uniclick goes down very quickly and may save you on installation.  And if a plank is damaged, it is easily replaced.  

For maintaining house value-- it depends on what you invest.  Don't shop strictly by price.  

My best advice is to read the warranties (look before you buy-- salespeople don't like to give you that info before you buy but they will when pushed) and see what is expected by you to maintain them, and what is covered.  If they don't have them most companies publish this on their internet site.  For example, a 20 year wear or manufacture defect warranty does nothing if your floor warps cause of a moisture problem or cause you aren't maintaining your home in the required temp and humidity range.

As far as bamboo, that is a product that I have seen perform extremely well or simply fail.  Its not a hardwood, its a grass.  There is no standardization like hardwood to determine hardness.  Having said that, I have a rental with bamboo in one of the bedrooms.  I had to replace every floor in the house after the last tenant trashed it, except the bamboo.

Consider also for resale matching your selection to your home.  Are there other woods in your house that you want to coordinate with?  Would a home with very traditional woodword and trim clash with the modern and clean look of maple or perhaps bamboo?

Hope that helps, Carol

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