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Hello Chris-
I have a few questions for you -

Our contractor's quote included the installation of a "Suntouch" heated floor mat in a bathroom remodel. However, he installed system from China called Senphus.

I'm wondering if you've heard of this system and if you know anything about it?

Also - The system was installed 12 inches from the walls in a very small area. When I questioned the contractor he stated the heat will transfer thru the Travertine (which isn't happening)so now I'm wondering if the system is faulty or if the mat should have covered a larger floor area?
Thanks in advance

Hello Anne,

I don't know about the brand names...and who is who , but when I Google various brands I don't recall seeing that one. But I got plenty of hits...

It looks like there is  drain in the corner indicating that this is a shower??  after this phase of installation did they make a sloped mortar bed?? Usually about 2-3" deep

If you suspect heat is not coming through you can measure floor temps or any surface with this device.


Or run down to a Harbor Freight and buy 1 of these

Not a laser ...just have to bend down close to the surface you want to measure..

Any heat will and should transfer through the tile and make it noticeably warmer. If it is directly under the tile..!! If it is buried under 2-3" of mortar I doubt it would be noticed, it would take  an extended amount of time to radiate through.
I have installed full bathrooms with heat tapes directly under the tile. I would have offered more wattage and or tape for this area instead of some possible leftover piece. If you look at the links I provided they show more material / sq footage for XX amount of dollars

When you purchase the product there is a minimum amount of heat tape. as we call it, on a roll. Usually indicated by the price or you can custom order per job with some companies.

I would buy a temp gun and measure when cold and an hour later measure when activated to see if any heat was transferring. At that point I might ask if the heat mat was installed directly under the travertine??? Or under the pre sloped mortar bed.}

After looking closely at the picture again I see it is a toilet...so measure the temps
Again I would have offered more heat tape , as much as 99% of the floor minus the toilet. And I would have operated the system prior to tile  and after to make sure it was functioning. Many times an error occurs during the installation , such as a staple puncturing or a wire getting cut. MAybe it is a faulty thermostat as well.


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