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We have Berber carpet approx. 4 years old.  Good quality; probably wool or wool/nylon mix but not sure (carpet springs back quickly when weight such as a chair leg is moved off it).  We are an older couple; no kids, no pets, very clean and careful habits, clean up any spills (haven't really been any) immediately.  The carpet is cleaned professionally once a year and vacuumed once a fortnight unless required more frequently - which is rare. the color is very pale beige-stone with darker brown/black/grey flecks throughout.  Recently, in one area, dark smudgy-looking blotches have appeared.  They are multiplying and look as if they are dark flecks in the carpet becoming enlarged - they are not spills or stains. They still look unsightly though and we don't know what to do.

If you are positive they are not from spills/pet accidents, dark smudgy spots can indicate
a couple of things just off the top of my head; Filtration lines/spots where the carpet can act as a filter to screen out particulates in the air, usually from a heating system such as an oil fired furnace. Normally you would see these where wall meet floor, or the carpeted areas under doors, near duct vents, or other places where air draft or movement can occur and the carpet is acting as a filter. You can also get dark spots from graphite that is used as a lubrication at a recliner or similar furniture that has moving parts; move it and "voila" , dark spots. Send me a photo(s) if you can.

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