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Leveling 2nd floor bathroom floor

Hi Perry,
I would like to renovate my bathroom which is located on the 2nd floor of a 65 year old has that was built on a concrete slab.  The house has settled quite a bit.  Would would be the best way to level a bathroom floor.  I really cant prop it up from below since it sits above the garage.



Thank you for your question Tom,

   With the advent of leveling compounds coming to the market it has become quite easy to "flatten" (sometimes leveling is just not possible) really poor quality/condition floors. The real trick with using these compounds is you have to control the materials natural nature. Being a hydraulic cement it is a "heavy" liquid meaning the ingredients cause it to want to "settle" into place not just rest on top of anything. So that means that you will need to carefully inspect the surface and perimeter of the space you are going to float...looking for any cracks, seams, holes, perforations at the bottom plate of the wall. Those sorts of things, they will all need to be caulked or filled or plugged so that the float doesn't just simply run away and hide somewhere below the floor never to be seen again. Belive me I have see it happen more than once (especially back in the day when we first started using this product) I've had large areas disappear down a rabbit hole that I didn't notice and had to quickly find the escape hole and plug it before you can proceed. So a thorough going over will be necessary and you can use a cheap painters caulking to caulk any suspect areas. This process should be done...not in a hurry...but plan to have all the things you need handy and at the ready so that you can continually mix and pour and float from start to finish without interruption till it's all poured. The trowel will only be for pushing the float to where you want it to go and not really to smooth the surface as the compound will settle in nice and flat and smooth as long as when you mix it you mix it so that there isn't any unmixed float still in the bucket. It's easy really and will dry in 24 hours and ready to begin your installation. There are numerous brands of leveling compound most are pretty good. I typically use the Custom brand that you can get @ Home Depot for about $30.00 a bag. The instruction are easy to follow and you will want the mix to pour out like a "thin" milkshake, not a thick one. Ok Tom I hope this helps you with your project, feel free to return anytime..

Perry V.

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